Privacy Policy

Studio Total Helsinki ry general privacy policy

This privacy policy details how personal data is handled within Studio Total / Jalostamo-kollektiivi. Personal data in this instance means all data from which an individual could be directly or indirectly recognized. In this privacy policy personal data will later be referred to as “user”. This privacy policy will be enforced in event services provided by Studio Total

Name of register

Studio Total Helsinki ry client and stakeholder register

Keeper of the register

Studio Total Helsinki ry

Business ID: 2051058-5

Address: Henri Fordin katu 5H
00150 Helsinki


Register administrator:
Jaakko Lenni-Taattola; +358 41 444 0138,

Purpose for processing personal data

The purpose of this personal data register is to function as the client and stakeholder register for Studio Total Helsinki ry. The register includes personal data on the individual, company and organization clients and stakeholders.

Client data in the register may be handled in the following purposes:

  • Processing and managing client and stakeholder relations
  • Carrying out, developing and maintaining services and functions aimed at clients and stakeholders
  • Communicating and marketing operations of Studio Total Helsinki ry, promoting sales and effectivity and market research
  • Use for operative functions of Studio Total Helsinki ry, such as carrying out service processes, invoicing and reporting
  • Planning and developing functions of Studio Total Helsinki ry.

Data content of the register

The client register database of Studio Total Helsinki ry includes the following data:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Used language
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Country of residence
  • Phone numbers
  • E-mail addresses
  • Organizational information
  • Markings relating to direct marketing permissions and refusals
  • Other data required for the use of services.

Data is collected

  • When entrance tickets are being bought/reserved
  • When subscribing to the electronic newsletter
  • From the affiliate Tiketti’s client register, only clients of events organized by Studio Total
  • Through cookies or other corresponding technologies.

We utilize the tool Google Analytics on our website. More information on the privacy policy of Google Analytics can be found in the privacy policy of Google Analytics.

Third party usage

Studio Total uses the services of Tiketti for ticket sales. Privacy policy of Tiketti.

Studio Total uses the marketing tool MailChimp in communication to clients and stakeholders. More information can be found in the privacy policy of MailChimp.

Regulated disclosure of data and transferring data outside of EU and ETA

Personal data may be transferred outside of the EU, as data is stored and handled solely in electronic form, and some service providers we use to store and handle data may be located outside of the EU. We always make sure that personal data is transferred outside of the EU using safeguards in accordance with data protection legislation. Primary options are transferral to countries certified to have sufficient data protection by the EU commission, transferral to a company with the EU-US Privacy Shield certificate (endorsees located in the United States), or the usage of model arbitrary clauses of the EU.

Information security

We have executed administrative, technical and practical protective measures to protect the personal data that we collect and handle. Our security measures have been designed to maintain an appropriate level of security to affirm the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

Rights of the user

An individual in the register has a right to verify, correct and remove their data. The user has a right to restrict and protest the handling of their data. The user also has a right to refuse direct marketing and to remove consent. The user may ask to forbid profiling, resulting in their data being unable to be used for direct marketing and targeted advertising.

If an individual wishes to verify their data, add to it or correct it, or ask for the removal of their data from the register, they should submit their request in writing to the keeper of the register.

The user has the right to make a formal complaint to a data security authority if the user experiences that their data has been used against the current legislation.