Past works

b e s t i a r i o

b e s t i a r i o is a stage work that approaches bestiaries – medieval collections of weird animals, monsters and unexplainable freaks of nature. On scene it creates its own bodily and spatial bestiary.

NO30 Ship of Fools

The ship that sails the ocean is full of colourful characters, of exuberance and songs, of laughter and swing. And when the ship that hardly stays together at all, is at sea for endless weeks: the initial aim long forgotten, tensions arising, everyone trying to get hold of the steering wheel and turn it in whatever direction.


A show about love, absoluteness and radicalisation DIE HARD TAMPERE, a theatre work created in an abandoned factory building, explores an actual and agonising phenomena – terrorism.


Handless is a story about an encounter between a father and a daughter, about two racoons Manu and Panu and about the complexity of human life. The play is a black comedy where two cultures collide, it’s about death and the great passions in life.

Rechnitz (The exterminating angel)

The show is a project of understanding – a cry for help disguised as a game. The most important thing is to understand – even momentarily – what it means when history starts to repeat itself in us and in the world.


The monologue Julia/Julia written by Jari Juutinen is a story about a woman who kills her family during the period of economic depression in 1990´s Finland. The text is based on a true event that took place in the town of Porvoo in 2004.