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"Is there something completely unconditional for us? Something for which we are ready to arm ourselves or to die for?"

A show about love, absoluteness and radicalisation

DIE HARD TAMPERE, a theatre work created in an abandoned factory building, explores an actual and agonising phenomena – terrorism. A critical dive into the anatomy of radicalisation and the contemporary occidental mindscape. The production treats its thematics with an analytic touch, a gentle humour and without leaving any genre of theatre behind.

Co-produced by: Jalostamo-kollektiivi & Teatteri Siperia

Premiere September 29th 2017 Hiertämö factory (Hiedanranta, Tampere)



Direction & dramaturgy

Janne Pellinen

Set and lighting design

Petri Tuhkanen

Set, light and costume design

Raisa Kilpeläinen

Sound design

Saija Raskulla

On stage

Marika Heiskanen, Tuukka Huttunen, Anna Lipponen


Teatteri Siperia - Richard Katajisto / Jalostamo-kollektiivi - Anna Lipponen

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