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Why does Julia give up hope? What is happiness made out of and why does it break?

Julia grows up and becomes a woman in Finland under economic depression. She dreams about Romeo and ends up with Raimo. The husband is fine and the family grows first with one, then two children. In the beginning the happiness is overwhelming. Only one thing troubles Julia – money. The bills start to darken the small family’s sky and Julia´s anxiety builds up together with the debt load. One day Julia breaks down under her burden. And the rest is silence.

The monologue Julia/Julia written by Jari Juutinen is a story about a woman who kills her family during the period of economic depression in 1990´s Finland. The text is based on a true event that took place in the town of Porvoo in 2004. A young mother kills her two children, husband and herself under the family’s economic gridlock. The play is sadly current. Unemployment increases, debt loads build up, people constantly fall out of the welfare state´s reach. Life is funded by quickie loans as no other solution presents itself.

The show combines traditional acting and movie storytelling. It is a creation where all the turning points of Julia´s life become a dead end. Why does Julia give up hope? What is happiness made out of and why does it break? Julia/Julia is a theatre work about shame, covering up and keeping up appearances.

Premiere April 12th 2012 (Korjaamo, Helsinki)



Director & video designer

Tommi Kainulainen

Set, lightning and video designer

Petri Tuhkanen

Costume designer

Paula Varis

Sound designer

Viljami Lehtonen


Aarne Tapola

On stage

Anna Lipponen

On video

Mikko Pörhölä, Teemu Ojanne, Eija Varima, Robert Enckell



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