Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!


What were the good things that the year 2020 brought to us:

  • Theatre Jalostamo2 changed its name to Studio Total. We also renewed our whole visual identity!
  • RadioLove premiered on March 13th 2020 in Berlin and its Finnish premiere was on November 20th 2020 at the Finfringe festival in Turku. The work received the Jury price (most interesting work on the festival’s program). In 2021, RadioLove will hopefully be performed in Hamburg, Reykjavik and Helsinki.
  • Our second premiere of the year Dreams for Sale took place on November 17th 2020 at the Finnish National Museum’s rock cave. The large scale site-specific work received a vast interest. The shows will continue in Helsinki in spring 2021 as soon as the restrictions for theatres are removed.
  • Studio Total has also started the production of three stage productions: one in Finland, one in Denmark and one in Germany. We will tell more about these in the beginning of next year.

Year 2021, Bring it on!


Studio Total